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Hollywood Sportatorium...Remember when...

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Finally...a place where we can all share pictures and memories of the now infamous Hollywood Sportatorium!   Hi, this is Suzzy (Big Sue to some of your from way back when) and I used to run security at the Hollywood Sportatorium. I have purchased this web domain and plan on keeping it for many, many decades.  What better way to pay homage to one of the most notorious concert venues in the entire North American continent than to have the fans themselves do the honors!

I welcome any and all comments, stories, pictures, copies of ticket stubs or ANYTHING else at all that you think should be posted onto this site.  Each posting will receive credit from the person submitting the "item", so if someone else was involved in the picture taking or it was their camera, your film etc…. make sure to give them credit too!

Hampshire Daisies
Aerial view of the Sporto,
 looking West towards 172nd avenue in the 80's.


Exterior view of the Sporto.
Courtesy the
City of Pembroke Pines archives.


Video taken on October 19, 1993 of the demolition of the Sporto.

Only known picture of the interior of the
Sporto prior to a concert.  Seen is the
1982 Van Halen setup. Courtesy Suzzy Hald

1982 Van Halen stage setup taken by Suzzy
Only know picture of the inside of the Sportatorium pre show

Bruce Springsteen Hollywood Sportatorium
February 20, 1981 photo: Suzzy Hald

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